Monica Motta - Director of Training & Coach 
Interesting Fact About Me: I wasn't a runner in my younger days. I played Softball and Volleyball for most of my youth and did some track but never long distance running. It wasn't until after having children that running came into my life.
Fitness Goal: Let just say I have a pair of jeans from college I can still wear and instead of getting on a scale I just put those jeans back on and I know where I stand with my fitness. I enjoy all fitness activities from walking my dogs, riding bikes with my boys, spin, weight lifting, hiking, trail running and distance running. I live to have a healthy lifestyle not just stick to one thing.
Favorite RaceSo many to choose from....I truly love trail running so my favorite trail run so far is the Miners Revenge 16 miler in Auburn, CA.
Favorite Product: Must I choose?? My hydration belts/packs are the best! I can't do a long run with out them and they are so comfortable. My Fitletic Hydration belt and Nathan Water pack. 
What I Love Most About Coaching At Fleet Feet: Im not just a coach. Im a friend, a mentor, a therapist, a consultant, an advocate, a shoulder to cry on, and so much more. It's family that is what I love most!  

Half Marathon & Full Marathon Coaches:

Denise Burris - Marathon Training Coach
Interesting Fact About Me: Fact about me: I'm the youngest of 9 children.
Fitness Goal: My dream is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I am an average runner and the process of trying to improve my running to meet this goal is very much a learning process.   
Favorite Race: Avenue of the Giants Marathon - it is a beautiful race!
Favorite Product: A good pair of running socks!  And of course my favorite Mizuno shoes. 
What I Love Most About Coaching At Fleet Feet: Hands down the people I get to know and work with.  Our training groups are a very friendly, very caring group of people. It's exciting to bring in new people in and see them evolve and enjoy being part of our group.  I really have benefited personally from having this opportunity.  

Rachel Carl - Marathon Training Coach 
Interesting Fact About Me: I didn't start running until the age of 40. I was a whaleboat rower for 16 years and would sporadically run a few miles for my rowing cross-training/conditioning.
Fitness GoalTo maintain a healthy lifestyle and have fun doing so. 
Favorite Race: My favorite race is the Oakland Running Festival Full Marathon. It was my first full marathon. 
Favorite Product: Bodyglide...can't run without it!
What I Love Most About Coaching At Fleet Feet: Fleet Feet is a great place to be a coach because there are many people at all levels and abilities who join our training groups. I love seeing runners break through their mental barriers and hit new running milestones as they develop strength and confidence by following our structured training program. I love seeing and reading their FB posts sharing that they just ran their longest mileage ever or realized that what was once a tough hill early in the training program was not as hard in week 8. I find joy in helping people feel good about themselves as they see the results of their hard work by way of their dedication to training. 
Kim Schrutt - Half Marathon Training Coach 
Interesting Fact About Me: I served for the Air Guard for 6 years.
Fitness Goal: Is to just run!
Favorite Race: Santa Cruz to Capitola Half Marathon
Favorite Product: I use Nuun for every run!
What I Love Most About Coaching At Fleet Feet: I love coaching because I can help other people realize their goals. Since I'm not a born runner, I have to work at it just like everyone else. I love coaching at Fleet Feet because of all the support I get from the Fleet Feet family. 
Lisa Feldmann - Marathon Training Coach 
Interesting Fact About Me: My husband and I are huge NASCAR gurus/fans. My bucket list consists of seeing every race at every track once I retire (and win the lottery!). 
Fitness Goal: My goal is to maintain my current fitness level and active lifestyle.
Favorite Race: I have two favorites! Jailbreak Half Marathon in Wisconsin- it was sponsored by the local Sheriffs office and all the proceeds went to vesting their dogs (plus I thought Jason, my husband, was going to jump out of the woods at any moment to get me and that made the experience creepy, yet funny at the same time). CIM 2014 - I ran my first and last marathon, however what made this so special is that I trained and shared this experience with six other individuals that I have become life-long friends with and that is what I loved about this race. 
Favorite Product: Any capris sold at the store with deep side pockets. These are perfect for my phone, gels, keys, etc. I never worry about anything falling out. I also love my Vionic flip flops. 
What I Love Most About Coaching At Fleet Feet: I love helping and watching others succeed at reaching their goals. Plus, I get the pleasure of meeting new people and making life-long friends. That is a precious gift to me. 
Rodney Smith - Half Marathon Training Coach 
Interesting Fact About Me: Besides being an avid runner, I brew my own beer at home. 
Fitness Goal: My current fitness goal is ensuring that I keep a sub 9:00 minute mile pace.
Favorite Race: Running with the Bears.
Favorite Product: UCAN Endurance (Lemon flavor!) because I can mix 2 scoops with water and have energy that lasts for at least 10+ miles. 
What I Love Most About Coaching At Fleet Feet: The family atmosphere of the coaching team and the running groups. 

Jennifer Annuzzi - Marathon Training Coach 
Interesting Fact About Me: I teach Special Ed and run for a special needs buddy.
Fitness Goal: To stay healthy and active into old age.
Favorite Race: Big Sur Marathon - huge hills but beautiful coastal views.
Favorite Product: Balega socks. No blisters here!! 
What I Love Most About Coaching At Fleet Feet: I love sharing my joy of running with others and helping them reach their goals. The look on someone's face as they cross the finish line is priceless and I am honored to be a part of that journey.

James Burke - Marathon Training Coach 
Interesting Fact About Me: I started running in 2010. Since I started, I've lost 100+ lbs. and increased my pace from 15 minutes per mile to an 8:30 min. mile.
Fitness Goal: To slowly get faster, and older, so I can qualify for Boston.
Favorite Race: I really enjoyed the Chicago marathon because the amount of supporters spectating was unreal!
Favorite Product: Triggerpoint Foam Roller. I wouldn't be able to continue running without it. So important to treat your muscles properly.
What I Love Most About Coaching At Fleet Feet: I joined the group in 2015. The group taught me so much. I made many new friends and I became a better runner. When I became an ambassador for the group, it felt natural to help other runners. When I was given this amazing opportunity to coach, I couldn't refuse. It's a great way to give back to a company that has given so much to me. Also, a great excuse to continue to run with such amazing individuals while helping other runners achieve their goals.

Jeff Buntman - Marathon Training Coach 
Interesting Fact About Me: I did not start running until I was 50, and ran my first half marathon at 51 and my first marathon at 52. I love to have mental hashtags to keep me motivated, the main two were #13.1@51 and #26.2@52.
Fitness Goal: Stay healthy and manage my diabetes and weight. Fit for life is how I approach life. I try to do some form of exercise 6 days a week.
Favorite Race: I have a few, by far the Ave of Giants Marathon, and Folsom and Livermore Half-Marathons' are on top of the list.  
Favorite Product: There is a few, first I love Brooks shoes and my Nathan Hydration belt, I can't run without! And of course, my Garmin Forerunner watch.
What I Love Most About Coaching At Fleet Feet: I enjoy watching everyone's journey, support that everyone gets and gives from the group, seeing the wonderful friendships that are created, the support for each and every runner, and the motivation I get  and give to others from being part of the group.

No Boundaries 10k and 5k Coaches & Mentors:
Duane Davis - 10k Coach
Fitness GoalTo keep up with my wife. Haha! I want to run well past 70.
Interesting Fact About Me I believe in Yetis and Bigfoot.
Favorite RaceCalifornia International Marathon
Favorite Product: New Balance 1080 shoes and their shorts, and Brooks Glycerin shoes. And of course my Nathan hydration vest.
Why I became a Fleet Feet Coach: I enjoy helping people. I always have.
Leslie Davis - 10k Coach
Fitness GoalTo stay healthy for as long as I can by keep moving.
Interesting Fact About Me I wish I could've had my grandchildren first.
Favorite RaceGolden Gate half marathon
Favorite Product: New Balance 1080 shoes and the Garmin Fenix 5S. Its so pretty!
Why I became a Fleet Feet Coach: I have been coaching with Carol since she opened the store. I really enjoy watching people reach their goals. The first group I worked with, I was running along with one of the ladies and I helped her cross the finish line with a smile. It made it worth all the while to see someone cross their first finish line.
Kyle Masiewicz -10k Coach
Fitness Goal: Manage my weight.
Interesting Fact About Me:  People say I'm 6'5"....but I'm really 4'29".
Favorite RaceWindsor Green 5k
Favorite Product: Feetures & Balega socks
Why I became a Fleet Feet CoachTo meet new people. 

Joy Soares - 5k Coach
Fitness GoalTo gain the strength and endurance needed to complete a sprint tri. 
Interesting Fact About Me I am a member of the 100lbs weight loss club, and ran my first mile ever at age 40!
Favorite RaceSacramento's Run To Feed The Hungry
Favorite Product: Garmin 
Why I became a Fleet Feet Coach: to encourage beginners to set and achieve their goals. 
Jamie Almaraz - 5k Coach
Fitness Goal: To run with my mom and kids for as long as I can
Interesting Fact About Me:  I love colorful running pants. 
Favorite Race: Turkey Trot
Favorite Product: My Garmin watch!
Why I became a Fleet Feet Coach I enjoy running and want to share that joy with others. 
Shannon Chatigny - 5k Coach
Fitness Goal: To stay healthy, active, and increase my running speed.
Interesting Fact About Me:  Through the good and the bad, I am a huge Oakland Athletics fan. GO A'S!
Favorite Race: Tinkerbell Half Marathon
Favorite Product: I love my Nathan Hydration bottle. It fits my phone and keys while I run. I also love my Garmin Forerunner. 
Why I became a Fleet Feet Coach: I became a coach to encourage others to enjoy running and meet their goals. 


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