Shoes: What To Expect

Our staff is highly trained at fitting you for the right gear, whether it’s shoes, clothing, sports bras, etc. In fact, we are all about helping you find the proper fit and you can find out more about our fit process here. However, we know that occasionally a product may not fit or work properly for you after you have purchased it. Please bring it back and our fitters will help figure out the problem and come up with the right solution.
Life Expectancy of Shoes
A pair of standard running shoes will last somewhere in the range of 300-500 miles. For our average customer, this means replacing shoes around every six months. However, there are a lot of factors that will influence how often your shoes need to be replaced. For example, a lightweight trainer will last fewer miles than a more traditional running shoe. What you do in your shoes, the surface you are on, the frequency of use and many other factors will affect the length of time that your shoes will last. If you wear your running shoes to work all day, every day and stand on a hard surface, it is not unusual for your running shoes be worn out in as little as a month or two. The EVA foam that makes up the mid sole of the shoe also has a shelf life, whether it is being used or not. The EVA will begin to harden after about a year to a year and half, this is the trouble with buying shoes online or at outlet stores, typically it is at a discount because the shoe has "expired" or the shoe is defective. 
Medical Issues
If you have an injury or ailment, getting fit for the right type of shoes can go a long way in aiding recovery. Many of our other injury prevention and treatment products can help too. If you are healthy, these products can help keep you healthy. Just keep in mind that we do not carry any magical cures. We have products that will aid in recovery when used consistently. We are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose injuries, but we can help you get on the road to recovery.
Competition Shoes/Spikes
We carry a great selection of road racing shoes and cross country and track and field spikes. These shoes are designed to be lightweight and fast. As a result, they do not last as long as a pair of training shoes. It is typical to only get one season of use out of a pair of competition shoes. The uppers are also not made to withstand getting spiked by other competitors, so be careful!

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