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Carol Gilpin, Owner of Fleet Feet Sports, Vacaville, has been active through running, walking, and triathlon for 20 plus years. Carol is a Registered Dietitian and specializes in Sports Nutrition.  She is passionate about health and fitness and strives to bring a unique experience to the community. When not running, (either the store or getting those miles in) Carols spends time with her 3 beautiful daughters and enjoys socializing with her husband, winemaker John Gilpin. Carol is a great example of how to have a successful business while still enjoying life and creating time for her family. 



Elizabeth Engle- Resident "Sock Lady" & Fit Specialist 
Fitness Goal: To stay healthy, fit and active my whole life long. 
Interesting Fact About Me: I went to college on a theater scholarship. 
Favorite Race: Hands down, Big Sur Marathon
Favorite Product: Garmin Fenix 5. It helps me keep track of my mileage and fitness goals. At a glance I can see what my weekly, monthly or even yearly mileage is and stay encouraged to keep getting out there and keep moving. 
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: Encouraging others to get out there and get fit. Also helping the customer, whose feet hurt terribly, find the right products to make them feel better. 


Meg Cardenas - Fit Specialist & Accessory Buyer
Fitness Goal: To finish 2 half marathons, and 2 more 10k's by the end of the year. I hope to continue to improve my running, and to always remind myself to enjoy the journey. I hope to someday run a full marathon with my mom as well. 
Interesting Fact About Me: I have visited 2 countries, both Australia and New Zealand. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I hope to visit again someday.
Favorite Race: Though it was extremely tough for me, I'd say my favorite race so far would be Brazen's "Goonies" Half Marathon, at Lagoon Valley in Vacaville. I want to do it again next year. 
Favorite Product: would be Addaday's Pro Massage Roller! 
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: I enjoy working with people who genuinely love what they do. Fleet Feet is about helping others, and I feel so blessed to be part of this family. 

Natasha Hite – FIT Specialist & Footwear Buyer
Fitness Goal: To run the Golden State 1/2 Series.
Interesting Fact About Me: I was Miss Washington State Dairy Princess in 2007.
Favorite Race: Yosemite 1/2 Marathon.
Favorite Product: Brooks Launch running shoe.
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: I am new to the area and I get to meet so many awesome people who love running just like my husband and I do.

Ashley Matias – Floor Manager
Fitness Goal: To run the Boston Marathon and eventually break 3 hours in the marathon.
Interesting Fact About MeI was born and raised in San Diego, CA and coached high school cross country and track for 5 years..
Favorite Race: California International Marathon. 
Favorite Product: The R8 Roll Recovery!
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: I get to share my passion for running with others and help get them get the right tools to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle.

Taylor Rewick – Roving Fit Specialist
Fitness Goal: To stay in great running shape
Interesting Fact About Me: I work at Fleet Feet Santa Rosa while I am away at college and at Fleet Feet Vacaville when I'm on my breaks and summer.
Favorite Race: Loop the Lagoon
Favorite Product: CEP socks. I use them on our travels as well as when I run.
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: Sharing my knowledge of how important it is to have good shoes is a great feeling. I love when customers leave with new shoes and smiles on their faces. 

Kendall Rewick – Fit Specialist
Fitness Goal: To keep up with my mom on her runs.
Interesting Fact About Me: I will be graduating Vacaville High School this June and attending Chico State in the fall!
Favorite Race: Turkey Trot
Favorite Product: My Lucy apparel is so buttery soft, who wouldn't love it?
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: Not only do I get to work with my mom, but everyone here feels like family. I feel really lucky to have great coworkers and to know so many of the customers that come in. 

Emily Layton – Fit Specialist
Fitness Goal: To run the CIM in 2018
Interesting Fact About Me: I am a yoga assistant and yoga teacher at Ebb & Flow Yoga Studio in Vacaville. I completed my 200 hour teacher training in December 2017 in the studio as well.
Favorite Race: Davis Moonlight Half Marathon
Favorite Product: Garmin fenix 5S Sapphire in Rose Gold... because its functional AND stylish!
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: I love working with people who love running. I also enjoy educating customers on shoes, apparel, and accessories to help them achieve their personal and fitness goals.

Claire Pierce – Fit Specialist
Fitness Goal: I want to run longer distances. 
Interesting Fact About Me: I've lived 8 different states: Georgia, Texas, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Alabama, Florida, and Colorado.
Favorite Race: Ground of the Gods 10k in Colorado Springs
Favorite Product: I love my Hydroflask. It keeps the cold stuff cold and the hot stuff hot. 
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: I like the community. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. 
Desi Fernandez – FIT Specialist
Fitness Goal: To run a half marathon
Interesting Fact About Me: Before I worked at Fleet Feet Vacaville, I was part of the 10k Fall Beyond Boundaries training group.
Favorite Race: Wharf to Wharf. It’s a 6 mile run from Santa Cruz to Capitola. It’s beautiful and refreshing!
Favorite Product: Besides the shoes? I really like my Hot Shot sports bra by Brooks. Perfect for everyday wear and then yoga after work.
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: The people. The like hanging out with your friends rather than working.
Ron Rondares – FIT Specialist
Fitness Goal: To complete 2 Full Marathons in 2018: Santa Rosa and CIM
Interesting Fact About Me: I am retired and after traveling all over the world and doing incredible hikes, I wanted to share my passion of running with everyone through Fleet Feet.
Favorite Race: Kauia 1/2 Marathon.
Favorite Product: Besides the shoes? New Balance apparel is versatile and reflective.
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: Being able to help people accomplish their fitness goals. 

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