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Carol Gilpin, Owner of Fleet Feet Sports, Vacaville, has been active through running, walking, and triathlon for 20 plus years. Carol is a Registered Dietitian and specializes in Sports Nutrition.  She is passionate about health and fitness and strives to bring a unique experience to the community. When not running, (either the store or getting those miles in) Carols spends time with her 3 beautiful daughters and enjoys socializing with her husband, winemaker John Gilpin. Carol is a great example of how to have a successful business while still enjoying life and creating time for her family. 



Elizabeth Engle- Resident "Sock Lady" & Fit Specialist 
Fitness Goal: To stay healthy, fit and active my whole life long. 
Interesting Fact About Me: I went to college on a theater scholarship. 
Favorite Race: Hands down, Big Sur Marathon
Favorite Product: Garmin Fenix 5. It helps me keep track of my mileage and fitness goals. At a glance I can see what my weekly, monthly or even yearly mileage is and stay encouraged to keep getting out there and keep moving. 
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: Encouraging others to get out there and get fit. Also helping the customer, whose feet hurt terribly, find the right products to make them feel better. 


Meg Cardenas - Fit Specialist & Accessory Buyer
Fitness Goal: To finish 2 half marathons, and 2 more 10k's by the end of the year. I hope to continue to improve my running, and to always remind myself to enjoy the journey. I hope to someday run a full marathon with my mom as well. 
Interesting Fact About Me: I have visited 2 countries, both Australia and New Zealand. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I hope to visit again someday.
Favorite Race: Though it was extremely tough for me, I'd say my favorite race so far would be Brazen's "Goonies" Half Marathon, at Lagoon Valley in Vacaville. I want to do it again next year. 
Favorite Product: would be Addaday's Pro Massage Roller! 
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: I enjoy working with people who genuinely love what they do. Fleet Feet is about helping others, and I feel so blessed to be part of this family. 
Shasta Bade - Back Office Manager 
Fitness Goal: 2018- to run 3 10Ks. For 2019- to run a half-marathon! (Shamrockn'?)
Interesting Fact About Me: I held a white tiger cub next to my grandma while we were in Japan at 14 years old. 
Favorite Race: Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, CA
Favorite Product: My Nathan trail mix fanny pack. I can run with my phone, my car key, and important cards with me on my runs while staying hydrated.
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: I enjoy all the Fleet Feet does to help the with community. Its not just running groups, or wellness clinics, but also supporting the youth, and donating to the homeless.

Natasha Hite – FIT Specialist & Footwear Buyer
Fitness Goal: To run the Golden State 1/2 Series.
Interesting Fact About Me: I was Miss Washington State Dairy Princess in 2007.
Favorite Race: Yosemite 1/2 Marathon.
Favorite Product: Brooks Launch running shoe.
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: I am new to the area and I get to meet so many awesome people who love running just like my husband and I do.

Ashley Matias – Floor Manager
Fitness Goal: To run the Boston Marathon and eventually break 3 hours in the marathon.
Interesting Fact About MeI was born and raised in San Diego, CA and coached high school cross country and track for 5 years..
Favorite Race: California International Marathon. 
Favorite Product: The R8 Roll Recovery!
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: I get to share my passion for running with others and help get them get the right tools to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle.

Taylor Rewick – Roving Fit Specialist
Fitness Goal: To stay in great running shape
Interesting Fact About Me: I work at Fleet Feet Santa Rosa while I am away at college and at Fleet Feet Vacaville when I'm on my breaks and summer.
Favorite Race: Loop the Lagoon
Favorite Product: CEP socks. I use them on our travels as well as when I run.
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: Sharing my knowledge of how important it is to have good shoes is a great feeling. I love when customers leave with new shoes and smiles on their faces. 

Kendall Rewick – Fit Specialist
Fitness Goal: To keep up with my mom on her runs.
Interesting Fact About Me: I will be graduating Vacaville High School this June and attending Chico State in the fall!
Favorite Race: Turkey Trot
Favorite Product: My Lucy apparel is so buttery soft, who wouldn't love it?
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: Not only do I get to work with my mom, but everyone here feels like family. I feel really lucky to have great coworkers and to know so many of the customers that come in. 

Emily Layton – Fit Specialist
Fitness Goal: To run the CIM in 2018
Interesting Fact About Me: I am a yoga assistant and yoga teacher at Ebb & Flow Yoga Studio in Vacaville. I completed my 200 hour teacher training in December 2017 in the studio as well.
Favorite Race: Davis Moonlight Half Marathon
Favorite Product: Garmin fenix 5S Sapphire in Rose Gold... because its functional AND stylish!
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: I love working with people who love running. I also enjoy educating customers on shoes, apparel, and accessories to help them achieve their personal and fitness goals.

Claire Pierce – Fit Specialist
Fitness Goal: I want to run longer distances. 
Interesting Fact About Me: I've lived 8 different states: Georgia, Texas, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Alabama, Florida, and Colorado.
Favorite Race: Ground of the Gods 10k in Colorado Springs
Favorite Product: I love my Hydroflask. It keeps the cold stuff cold and the hot stuff hot. 
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: I like the community. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. 
Desi Fernandez – FIT Specialist
Fitness Goal: To run a half marathon
Interesting Fact About Me: Before I worked at Fleet Feet Vacaville, I was part of the 10k Fall Beyond Boundaries training group.
Favorite Race: Wharf to Wharf. It’s a 6 mile run from Santa Cruz to Capitola. It’s beautiful and refreshing!
Favorite Product: Besides the shoes? I really like my Hot Shot sports bra by Brooks. Perfect for everyday wear and then yoga after work.
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: The people. The like hanging out with your friends rather than working.
Ron Rondares – FIT Specialist
Fitness Goal: To complete 2 Full Marathons in 2018: Santa Rosa and CIM
Interesting Fact About Me: I am retired and after traveling all over the world and doing incredible hikes, I wanted to share my passion of running with everyone through Fleet Feet.
Favorite Race: Kauia 1/2 Marathon.
Favorite Product: Besides the shoes? New Balance apparel is versatile and reflective.
What I Love Most About Working At Fleet Feet: Being able to help people accomplish their fitness goals. 

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